How to remove tags from a WordPress site

To remove tags from your WordPress site, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to “Posts” > “Tags” in the left sidebar menu. This will open the “Tags” management page.
  3. You will see a list of all the tags on your site. To delete a tag, hover over the tag’s name and click the “Delete” link that appears below it. Alternatively, you can use the checkboxes to select multiple tags and then choose “Delete” from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown menu. Click “Apply” to delete the selected tags.

Please note that deleting a tag will only remove the tag itself and not the posts associated with it. The posts will remain published, but the deleted tags will no longer be linked to those posts.

If you want to remove tag-related features from your WordPress theme (e.g., tag cloud widget, tag links in posts), follow these steps:

  • Remove the tag cloud widget:
    • a. Go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” in the left sidebar menu.
    • b. Locate the “Tag Cloud” widget in your active widget areas (e.g., Sidebar, Footer).
    • c. Click the widget’s title to expand it, and then click the “Delete” link.
  • Remove tag links from posts:
    • a. Locate your theme’s template files responsible for displaying tags on single posts (usually single.php, content.php, or content-single.php).
    • b. Find the code responsible for displaying tags, which often uses the the_tags() function.
    • c. Comment out or delete the line(s) of code related to displaying tags.

Remember to backup your files before making any changes, and test your changes on a staging site or local development environment before applying them to your live site.

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